Liz DeVivo

MA, LMSW, Holistic LIfe coach

Believe in Second Chances​ ®

Believe in Second Chances!

Liz speaks often to groups about her extraordinary experience getting multiple organ transplants. Since 2004, she has spoken to groups (young, old and in-between) about the importance of becoming an organ donor.   She also speaks to new hires at her local hospital during their orientation, not only about her experience with organ donation, but also about chronic illness and the quality of care received along the way. She speaks with residents and interns about her journey to healing. It provides them with information and a patient’s perspective on chronic illness that they would not otherwise have.  
Another goal is to educate health professionals on the nuances of working with the chronically ill, to become a partner in helping them to get well and most importantly, to see hope as the greatest ally in healing the body.
One of her goals is to educate patients on not only how to navigate the system, but how to help see themselves as an active participant in their journey to healing.
She believes in participatory medicine, that patients and their doctors should have a partnership that promotes healing.

Upcoming Engagements:

September 16-17, 2013

     e-Patient Connections 2013

​     Loews Philadelphia Hotel