Liz DeVivo

MA, LMSW, Holistic LIfe coach

Believe in Second Chances​ ®

Believe in Second Chances!

Holding On For Dear Life:  What My Fatal Diagnosis Taught Me About Living

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In 2000, I was diagnosed with Scleroderma, a rare and chronic autoimmune disease. The disease attacked my internal organs, causing pulmonary hypertension (heart failure). My health rapidly deteriorated. Due to the urgency of my condition, I was placed at the top of the transplant list in September 2001. This book chronicles my journey as a young mother to a heart and double lung transplant. 
My story is a funny, gritty, raw and at times heartbreaking tale, that I hope benefits and helps others dealing with their own or their loved one's chronic illness.
I pulled this book forward out of the depths, the depths of much pain and suffering. The value of this suffering is worth more than I ever imagined in the perspective it's given me. I suffered for many years, which is not something original or outstanding in and of itself, but the lessons learned from my pain are not just valuable to me, or so I am told.
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